Friday, February 10, 2012

what god's teaching me

here's a list of the top ten things god is teaching me right now.  no particular order, of course.
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  1. community is essential to me.
  2. praying for others is good for my selfish nature.  
  3. shame is shame, trauma is trauma, guilt is guilt.  no matter how insignificant it seems.     
  4. to accept acceptance, i must be fully known (thanks, jason martinkus).
  5. brokenness is a really good thing.  even when it doesn't feel like it.  
  6. words have incredible power.  i can build people up or tear them to pieces.  
  7. life is full of risks.  i just need to trust him.  
  8. mentors are really important to me.  i need to listen to them. 
  9. god is good.  all the time.    
  10. to break out of sin, i need to cling to god and change my heart.
much love.