Friday, May 11, 2012


before you leave...this is about basketball, obviously, but there's more.

if you didn't know...i'm a pretty big sports fan.  okay, i'm a huge fan.  and i'm loyal to my hometown teams: rockies, nuggets, broncos (oh and: rapids, mammoth, avalanche, runs).  if you were stalking me last night, you woulda seen me going straight crazy at the nuggets game.  jumping outta my seat, waiving my rally towel, screaming, booing kobe bryant (and secretly admiring his talent), texting trash talk with my boy colby.  i was a mad man.  

but here's the deal.  it reminded me of month two on the world race.  that dude i was talkin trash to, colby, preached a semon in romania based off of the concept/idea of not being conformed to the world.  in that sermon he talked about about his love for the lakers and kobe bryant...and how he was so passionate about them...and how he talked about kobe and the lakers all the anyone who would listen.  

but he wouldn't talk that way about jesus.    

me too.  if i'm honest, i get more passionate, excited, crazy about the nuggets, rockies (it's been a few years ;), and broncos then i do about jesus.  why is that?  

why, when i look around me do i see people passionate about so many things of this world...but not jesus?  for real.  don't discredit this.  john, in 1 john 2:17 says, "the world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of god lives forever."   

i get it.  you see, the nuggets season will end soon (hopefully not too soon), the rockies will probably end under .500 this year, and the broncos picked up some dude who can't look side-to-side.  your car will breakdown.  you'll eventually retire.  your passion will dwindle.  you'll breakup.  you'll start looking old.  you'll graduate.    

but jesus' love for you and me never fails.  it doesn't pass away.  it's never-ending.  

why don't we share this good news with other people with the same burning passion?
for real.  i'm not talking about standing out on the corner with the bullhorn...or jesus juking every person you meet.  but i wonder what it would look like if all the worldly things became our secondary the background...and jesus became our primary passion?

think about it (and go nuggets).

much love.