Sunday, August 19, 2012

reflections from the mountain top

last week i went up into the mountains for a couple of days of rest.  it was marvelous.  i've never really been a huge fan of the mountains and hiking.  i'm not sure why.  but as i sat in the impressive forrest surrounded by rivers, mountains, trees, and animals i was overwhelmed with this thought:

"how could i ever doubt god?"  

it was awesome.  and now i love the mountains.  ha.

one day i rode a four wheeler up james peak.  a little ways up, i decided i'd park and hike up the mountain a little bit to get a better view.

i looked up the impressive mountain, picked a decent lookout spot, and started climbing.  as i climbed i talked with god out loud and sang some songs.  and i got to my spot.  it was beautiful.  i stopped for a few minutes to catch my breath and look around.  it was gorgeous.  

but i looked up and saw another spot that looked better.  so, i kept going.

(a lil video i shot up there...notice the striving and exhaustion, haha)

i got to that spot.  and it was beautiful.  but i saw another spot.  so i kept going.  and kept going.  eventually, i reached the summit.  and nearly killed myself (i had no water or food...sorry paula).  

and as i neared the summit of the hit me.  this hike resembles a part of my life.  i work so hard to get to one spot...and then i see i work hard to get there.  and i forget to bathe in the beauty of where i'm at...of where god has me right now.  and i forget to stop striving and trust god.    

this is kinda let me give an example from my life:

summit, james peak
when i was on the world race, i couldn't wait to get home and start seminary and my career in ministry.  it was a dream and i got there!

and now, a couple of years later, i'm striving for the next season: december...when i graduate seminary and continue my journey in ministry.

i'm forgetting to bathe in the moment of right now.  forgetting to look around and thank god for where he has me right now.  

or this hike can be similar to the comparison game i play a lot.  i strive so hard to be like someone else (richer, stronger, better...the list goes on and on) and when i get there...i realize there's someone else that's a bit higher...or a bit richer, or a bit skinner, or a bit stronger, or a bit whatever.

what if we just stopped?  looked around.  bathed in god's goodness.  and thanked him for where we are right now.  what if we stopped striving and stopped comparing?  how much better would our lives be?  how much more attentive to god would we be in our present situations?  how much more content would we be?  because, let's face it, god has blessed us each incredibly.  right where we are.  right now.

may we all stop striving and comparing.  may we each rest firmly in who we are and who god created us to be.  and may we be gentle with ourselves.  

much love.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you very much...see you in a few hours!!

  2. Good stuff. One question - did you hike in flip flops? ;-)

    1. nahh...i rocked a pair of chaco's halfway up, pulled a pair of keens outta my mountain smith pack...and then finished the rest. hahaha ;)

  3. After I got over this comment - i've never really been a huge fan of the mountains and hiking. (WHO ARE YOU?! haha) - this entry was rad and powerful. Love it. :) Thanks for the reminder to appreciate our current situation!

    1. know this! imma work in progress!! thanks for reading!

  4. love you bro. proud of you. miss you.

    1. thanks matty you, too. hope you're huggin on those Filipino kiddos for me!!

  5. Thanl you Dan so much for this. A friend and I tonight actually, were talking about being thankful for all GOD has done in our lives. Something I struggle with is comparing myself to others. So this was a great reminder to enjoy GOD's goodness and focus on being thankful for what He's done in my life. Thanks again!!


    1. thanks for sharing, bethany...and thanks for reading! much love!

  6. I'm so glad you got to get away last week! We all need that time to reflect! God has truly blessed us!