Tuesday, February 19, 2013

my commissioning

when i went to seminary, i had lots of people ask if i was going to have to live in the mountains, alone, and celibate for the rest of my life. no.

okay, i made up the celibate part...no one really asked that but i know lots of people were thinking it.

well, i graduated in december. seminary was awesome. like the world race; i'd recommend everyone do it...but i'd never do it again.

and, if you didn't hear, i was commissioned by new denver church last month.

i admit "commissioned" is a weird word and concept. but, put simply, i was commissioned by the church leaders and church community at ndc into a life of ministry. into a calling of sorts.

if you wanna hear the podcast on the night, you can find it here. it's really good and is made up of four parts: my story, two "charges" from my pastors, and a time of prayer.

the whole night was powerful and meaningful. truly, one of the highlights of my life.

i'd like to share one highlight from the night that brought me to tears, and tears, and tears.

rewind a bit: on one of the darkest and worst nights of my life (but, in retrospect, one of the best)...my life had fallen apart. i was wasted. i didn't know what to do. a million horrible options were going through my mind.

but, ultimately, i landed on calling a close friend. one who i admired. and one who happened to be a christian (i wasn't at the time). i called him...and i was a drunken, crying, and slobbery mess. though i don't remember the exact details of the conversation it went something like this:

me: "dude, my life is over...i don't know what to do (more rambling)" 

chris: "(probably something profound was said here)...i honestly don't know what to say or do...can i pray for you?"

me: "yes, please" (all crying multiplied tenfold)

fast forward to my commissioning service.

chris came.

during the time of prayer...chris came forward to pray over me. it was the first time i'd heard him pray for me since the darkest night of my life...and here he was praying again...on one of the best days of my life. (and all crying multiplied tenfold)

redemption at it's finest.

may we all be bold...and when we don't have the answer, may we turn to the one who does.


  1. absolutely beautiful. the kids at the center make fun of me because it is impossible for me to hear a story of God's redemption w/out tears streaming down my face. reading this is no exception. i stand in awe of what the Lord has done with your life...and will be exciting to watch what He will continue to do. love you brother.

    1. ahhhh, thank you brandy!! you're so great...hope you're doing fantastic.